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Randolph J Tata

Talcon Information Systems


v1.40 2002/01/10

Revision History
Revision v1.402002-01-10Revised by: rjt
Added description and link to cdtower shell script.
Revision v1.302002-01-08Revised by: rjt
Many additions and changes to markup in DocBook XML source and fix pubdate data.
Revision v1.012002-01-07Revised by: rjt
Updated for 2.4 kernels. Added more References and links. Convert to DocBook XML 4.1.2 Change License from LDP boilerplate to GFDL.
Revision v1.002000-09-23Revised by: rjt
Conversion from Linuxdoc SGML to DocBook v3.1 SGML
Revision v0.102000-09-01Revised by: rjt
Conversion to Linuxdoc SGML from text/html, added kerneltweak (addloops) section
Revision v0.012000-08-18Revised by: rjt
First version released in text and html.

The CD Server HOWTO describes the steps and commands you can use to setup your own CD Server using Linux and some built-in Unix commands along with other freely available software packages. The CD Server can then share the CD's via the network to Windows and/or other client machines.