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Linux Chinese HOWTO English Version

Chih-Wei Huang cwhuang@phys.ntu.edu.tw
Cd Chen cdchen@linux.ntcic.edu.tw

v1.04, 2 June 1998

This document demonstrates how to implement Chinese available on Linux system, including those common problems encountered on Linux/UNIX system while using Chinese, the ways to obtain, and shows how to install and setup a variety of different Chinese softwares. Finally, we would like to take a bit little glance at the work for making a complete Chinese environment with Linux system.

1. Foreword

2. Difficulties of Using Chinese on Linux System

3. Where to Get Chinese Softwares?

4. Display and Input Chinese

5. Chinese X Window System

6. Printing for Chinese

7. Chinese Printing Softwares

8. Useful Chinese Softwares

9. Related Chinese Problems with Others

10. Chinese Linux

11. FAQs

12. Appendix - Chinese Softwares of FTP.IFCSS.ORG

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