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Booting Linux from DiskOnChip HOWTO

Booting Linux from DiskOnChip HOWTO

Rohit Agarwal


Vishnu Swaminathan



Revision History
Revision 1.02006-09-07Revised by: MG
Last review for LDP publication

This document discusses how to make the Flash Drives Linux bootable. We will describe how to boot from such a drive, instead of from the normal hard drive.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Why this document?
1.2. NFTL vs. INFTL
1.3. Practical goals
2. Reference configuration
3. Assumptions
4. Using M-Systems DiskOnChip 2000 TSOP as an additional storage drive in Linux
4.1. Step 1: Patch the Kernel
4.2. Step 2: Compile the Kernel
4.3. Step 3: Create Nodes
4.4. Step 4: Reboot with the new kernel
4.5. Step 5: Insert M-Systems Driver/Module in the new Kernel
4.6. Step 6: Create a filesystem on the DiskOnChip
4.7. Step 7: Mount the newly created partition to start accessing DOC
5. Install Linux and LILO on DiskOnChip
5.1. Step 1: Copying the DOC firmware onto DiskOnChip
5.2. Step 2: Format DiskOnChip using Dos Utilities
5.3. Step 3: Patch and Compile the kernel 2.4.18
5.4. Step 4: Create nodes
5.5. Step 5: Modify the /etc/module.conf file
5.6. Step 6: Create the initrd image
5.7. Step 7: Insert the DOC driver into the new kernel
5.8. Step 8: Create a filesystem on the DiskOnChip
5.9. Step 9: Build Root Filesystem on the DiskOnChip
5.10. Step 10: Use rdev to specify the DOC root filesystem location to kernel image
5.11. Step 11: Compile lilo-22.3.2
5.12. Step 12: Copy the boot.b file into boot directory of DOC
5.13. Step 13: Modify the /etc/lilo.conf file
5.14. Step 14: Store the new LILO configuration on the DiskOnChip
5.15. Step 15: Modify etc/fstab of DiskOnChip root file system
5.16. Step16: Update Firmware
5.17. Step17: BOOT from DiskOnChip
6. Install Development ToolChain on DiskOnChip
6.1. Step1: Obtain the latest copy of root_fs_i386.ext2
6.2. Step2: Replace the root filesystem of the DiskOnChip
6.3. Step3: Modify etc/fstab of DiskOnChip root file system
6.4. Step4: Reboot
7. References
A. Output of dinfo
B. License
C. About Authors
D. Dedications