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Optimal Use of Fonts on Linux

Optimal Use of Fonts on Linux


Revision History
Revision 2006-07-0202 Jul 2006Revised by: avi
Included link to Debian FreeType BCI package, improved the glossary with Latin1 descriptions, more clear links on the webcore fonts section, instructions on how to rebuild source RPM packages in the BCI appendix, updated the freetype recompilation appendix to cover new versions of the lib, authorship section reorganized.
Revision 2006-04-0202 Apr 2006Revised by: avi
Included link to FC5 Freetype.bci contribution by Cody DeHaan.
Revision 2006-03-2525 Mar 2006Revised by: avi
Updated link to BCI Freetype RPMs to be more distro version specific.
Revision 2005-07-1919 May 2005Revised by: avi
Renamed Microsoft Fonts to Webcore Fonts, and links updated.Added X.org Subsystems section.
Revision 2005-05-2525 May 2005Revised by: avi
Comment related to web pages in the Microsoft Fonts section
Revision 2005-05-1010 May 2005Revised by: avi
Old section-based glossary converted to real DocBook glossary.Modernized terms and explanations on the glossary.Included concepts as charsets, Unicode and UTF-8 in the glossary.
Revision 2005-03-3131 Mar 2005Revised by: avi
Desktop configuration guidelines improved for higher resolution screens.Better layout for authors.
Revision 2005-02-1818 Feb 2005Revised by: avi
Included BCI support status for Mandrake and Gentoo.Added link to Firefox configuration hack.Included link to Scribus site.Removed broken and outdated info links.
Revision 2005-01-1212 Jan 2005Revised by: avi
E-mail addresses more difficult to figure out for machines.
Revision 2004-12-2424 Dec 2004Revised by: avi
Small corrections and DocBook improvements.
Revision 2004-12-1212 Dec 2004Revised by: avi
Typos correction by Scott Brayban (sgrayban borgnet us).Finished links to msfonts and freetype RPMs.
Revision 2004-12-055 Dec 2004Revised by: avi
Merged with FDU-HOWTO.Finished RPM sections.Added "need help" appendix.Finished "About this doc" appendix.Ready for peer revision.
Revision 2004-11-2727 Nov 2004Revised by: avi
Created first sections.Merged with Font-HOWTO.