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The Indic Fonts HOWTO

The Indic Fonts HOWTO

Maninder Bali

Dan Scott - Conversion from HTML to DocBook v4.1.2 (XML)

Revision History
Revision 0.12002/01/07Revised by: mb
First rendition released by Maninder Bali.

This is a detailed guide on how to install and use Indic scripts (devanagri etc.) using UTF-8 encoding under GNU/Linux. This HOWTO is a work in progress. More sections regarding fonts and other related things shall be added to this HOWTO in due course of time. Special thanks to Dan Scott for conversion from HTML to DocBook v4.1.2(XML). Any feedback, sugestions, pointers, gifts, cds, BMWs will be gladly accepted. All flames will be redirected to /mnt/praises_for_thee/ for future reference. Be afraid.