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Pal Domokos


Revision History
Revision V1.1.12001/09/05Revised by: pd
E-mail changed; links to further Ingres resources.
Revision V1.12000/06/20Revised by: pd
Extended with material on the full version of Ingres II 2.0
Revision V1.011999/12/23Revised by: pd
Minor fixes
Revision V1.01999/11/07Revised by: pd
Original version

This document helps install the Ingres II Relational Database Management System on Linux. It covers the setup of both the free Software Development Kit and the full version of Ingres. Further sections try to make it easier to start working with Ingres.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Copyright
1.2. Disclaimer
1.3. New Versions of the HOWTO
1.4. Credits
1.5. Audience
2. Ingres
2.1. University Ingres and Commercial Ingres
2.2. The Software Development Kit
2.3. The Beta Version
2.4. The Ingres II Full Edition
2.5. The Unicenter TNG Framework
3. System Requirements
3.1. Hardware
3.2. Software
3.3. Kernel Parameters
3.4. The ingres User and II_SYSTEM
4. Preparing for the Installation
4.1. Ingres Environment Variables
4.3. Database Locations
4.4. The iidbdb Database
4.7. II_DUMP
4.9. II_WORK
4.10. Other Ingres Environment Variables
5. The Installation Process
5.1. Starting the Installation Program
5.2. Express Install
5.3. Manual Install
5.4. Completing the Initial Configuration
5.5. Re-installation
5.6. Command Line Install (SDK)
5.7. Client Installation (Full Version)
5.8. The Installer's Log
5.9. Checking the Installation
6. Basic System and Database Administration
6.1. Starting and Stopping Ingres
6.2. New Ingres Users and Locations
6.3. Creating and Destroying Databases
6.4. Collation Sequences
6.5. Backup and Recovery
6.6. Configuring Ingres
6.7. Monitoring Ingres
6.8. Message Files
7. Ingres/Net
7.1. User Authentication
7.2. Login Account Passwords
7.3. Installation Passwords
7.4. ingvalidpw
7.5. Setting up the Client
7.6. Setting up the Server
7.7. Using Net
8. ICE (Internet Commerce Enabled)
8.1. Configuring Apache
8.2. ICE Setup
9. Miscellaneous Topics
9.1. Automatic Startup and Shutdown
9.2. ingmenu
9.3. Circumventing Ingres Net
9.4. Forms-Based Development Tools
9.5. Ingperl and Perl DBI
9.6. Ingres links