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Linux i386 Boot Code HOWTO

Linux i386 Boot Code HOWTO

Feiyun Wang


Revision History
Revision 1.02004-02-19Revised by: FW
Initial release, reviewed by LDP
Revision 0.3.32004-01-23Revised by: fyw
Add decompress_kernel() details; Fix bugs reported in TLDP final review.
Revision 0.32003-12-07Revised by: fyw
Add contents on SMP, GRUB and LILO; Fix and enhance.
Revision 0.22003-08-17Revised by: fyw
Adapt to Linux 2.4.20.
Revision 0.12003-04-20Revised by: fyw
Change to DocBook XML format.

This document describes Linux i386 boot code, serving as a study guide and source commentary. In addition to C-like pseudocode source commentary, it also presents keynotes of toolchains and specs related to kernel development. It is designed to help:

  • kernel newbies to understand Linux i386 boot code, and

  • kernel veterans to recall Linux boot procedure.