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Mail2News Mini-Howto: Setting up mail2news Next Previous Contents

4. Setting up mail2news

Put the mail2news script in a suitable location. I favour /usr/local/bin, but the location is up to you.

You will need to edit script as follows:-

  • At the top of the script, make sure you are pointing at the local Perl binary. You can probably find out where Perl is by typing 'whereis perl' or 'which perl' at a command prompt. If you can't find it, /usr/bin/perl is the safest bet:
    # point at the correct location of perl

  • Edit the following lines to point at the posting program (I use rnews, inews will work too) and your news host:
    # $inews = "/usr/bin/inews";
    # $iopts = "-h -o \"mail2news gateway\"";
    $inews = "/usr/bin/rnews";
    $iopts = "";
    $postinghost = "your.news.server";   # points at your news server

  • Make sure that the script is exectuable:
    chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/mail2news

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