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Oracle 8i on Linux RH7.X Installation HOWTO Next Previous Contents

Oracle 8i on Linux RH7.X Installation HOWTO

Krastio Atanassov <st201789@educ.di.unito.it> , and Luca Roversi <roversi@di.unito.it>

v0.1, 2002-07-15

Following this HOWTO you should be able to get "Oracle 8i, version 8.1.7, Enterprise Edition for Linux" installed on a RedHat 7.X distribution (and, we hope, on distributions based/derived from it.) You will also have some few hints at how to create a database. We decide to write this notes because we did not manage to get through the installation, simply following the already existing "Oracle 8 for Linux" HOWTOs, and Oracle documentation and we found people on the net experiencing our problems.

1. Introduction

2. Starting off

3. Installing Oracle 8i, version 8.1.7

4. Creating a database

5. Final Words

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