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Remote X Apps mini-HOWTO

Vincent Zweije, zweije@xs4all.nl

v0.7.5, 8 December 2001

This mini-HOWTO describes how to run remote X applications. That is, how to have an X program display on a different computer than the one it's running on. Or conversely: how to make an X program run on a different computer than the one you're sitting at. The focus of this mini-HOWTO is on security. This mini-HOWTO also contains information on running X applications locally, but with a different user-id, and information on setting up a computer as an X terminal.

1. Introduction

2. Related Reading

3. The Scene

4. A Little Theory

5. Telling the Client

6. Telling the Server

7. X Applications from Another User-id

8. Running a Remote Window Manager

9. Setting Up an X Terminal

10. Troubleshooting

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