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Scientific Computing with Free software on GNU/Linux HOWTO

Scientific Computing with Free software on GNU/Linux HOWTO

Manoj Warrier

Shishir Deshpande

V. S. Ashoka


Revision History
Revision 1.22004-10-19Revised by: M. W
1 Correction and new additional links
Revision 1.12004-06-21Revised by: M. W
Updates and evaluated distros
Revision 1.02003-11-18Revised by: JP
Document Reviewed by LDP.
Revision 0.02003-10-01Revised by: M. W
first draft proposed

This document aims to show how a PC running GNU/Linux can be used for scientific computing. It lists the various available free software and also links on the world wide web to tutorials on getting started with the tools.