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TkRat mini-HOWTO: Configuring TkRat Next Previous Contents

4. Configuring TkRat

>From the prompt, type "tkrat" and press enter. Click on "Create". Read the message it gives you, then click on "Continue". At this point, you are brought to the main TkRat program. The first thing you should do is customize it to your local system.

  1. Go the Admin menu, and select Preferences.
  2. Click on "Sending"
  3. Enter in your E-Mail address in the "Default Reply-To" field.
  4. Enter in your E-Mail address, followed by paranthesis in the "Use from address" field. e.g. dave@linuxtoday.com (Dave Whitinger)
  5. Enter your domain name in the "Domain" field. If your E-Mail address is "user@xyz.com" you'll enter "xyz.com".
  6. Click on "Apply".
  7. Click on "Method".
  8. For "Send Via" select "SMPT".
  9. In the SMTP host: field, enter the SMPT server address of your ISP (they should be able to provide you with this information).
  10. Click "Apply", then "Dismiss".

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