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RedHat Installation

10. RedHat Installation

This is a summary of what Mr.Tony Perrie of involution.com fame has wriiten. I include here with his permission. I encourage you to visit his site because he has a great "how-to" on IPtables.

10.1. Drivers

The stock kernel driver to use with the WPC11 is the orinoco_cs. Make sure that it's loaded.

modprobe orinoco_cs

If you get some error messages after executing modprobe, insure that the wavelan_cs and wvlan_cs drivers are unloaded. By doing

lsmod | egrep lan

If they are loaded do the following:

rmmod wavelan_cs


rmmod wvlan_cs

10.2. Hermes.conf Hack

The hack is putting the following in


card "Instant Wireless Network PC Card"
manfid 0x0274,0x1613
bind "orinoco_cs"

10.3. Redhat PCMCIA Services

You'll then need to restart pcmcia service.

service pcmcia restart

10.4. Redhat System Tools

Go to the Redhat System Tools and hit Configure. Then add a wireless device in Managed mode if you have an access point.

Setup dhcp, and the WEP key. The channel autoconfigures to 6 in managed mode.

10.5. Restart the network.

service network restart