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XDM and X Terminal mini-HOWTO

XDM and X Terminal mini-HOWTO

Kevin Taylor


Revision History
Revision v1.002002-05-16Revised by: KT
Minor updates to all sections. Added details of Windows/Linux interoperability. Added section on starting XDM. Added details of KDM and GDM. Added new software resources.
Revision v0.0514 November 2000Revised by: KT
Added cross-references to other Howtos
Revision v0.046 November 2000Revised by: KT
Updates after first public draft.
Revision v0.033 July 2000Revised by: KT
Minor updates from first comments
Revision v0.0228 June 2000Revised by: KT
First SGML source draft from HTML source
Revision v0.0127 June 2000Revised by: KT
First HTML source draft