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About the Author

35.2. About the Author

Who is this guy anyhow?

The author claims no credentials or special qualifications, [1] other than a compulsion to write. [2] This book is somewhat of a departure from his other major work, HOW-2 Meet Women: The Shy Man's Guide to Relationships. He has also written the Software-Building HOWTO. Lately, he has been trying his hand at short fiction.

A Linux user since 1995 (Slackware 2.2, kernel 1.2.1), the author has emitted a few software truffles, including the cruft one-time pad encryption utility, the mcalc mortgage calculator, the judge Scrabble® adjudicator, and the yawl word gaming list package. He got his start in programming using FORTRAN IV on a CDC 3800, but is not the least bit nostalgic for those days.

Living in a secluded desert community with wife and orange cat, he cherishes human frailty, especially his own.



In fact, the author is a school dropout and has no credentials or qualifications.


Those who can, do. Those who can't . .. get an MCSE.