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History Commands

Appendix J. History Commands

The Bash shell provides command-line tools for editing and manipulating a user's command history. This is primarily a convenience, a means of saving keystrokes.

Bash history commands:

  1. history

  2. fc

bash$ history
   1  mount /mnt/cdrom
    2  cd /mnt/cdrom
    3  ls

Internal variables associated with Bash history commands:







  7. $HISTTIMEFORMAT (Bash, ver. 3.0 or later)

  8. !!

  9. !$

  10. !#

  11. !N

  12. !-N

  13. !STRING

  14. !?STRING?

  15. ^STRING^string^

Unfortunately, the Bash history tools find no use in scripting.

# history.sh
# Attempt to use 'history' command in a script.


# Script produces no output.
# History commands do not work within a script.

bash$ ./history.sh
(no output)	      

The Advancing in the Bash Shell site gives a good introduction to the use of history commands in Bash.